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 We need to unlock the power of entrepreneurship – everywhere. VilCap Communities widens access for high potential, locally-led entrepreneur support organizations to deliver improved outcomes to historically overlooked entrepreneurs.

We offer incubators, accelerators, funds, and other organizations a platform for program management and toolkit of proven tools, technology, training curriculum and facilitator guides.

The result: a more equitable system for distributing capital to a more diverse set of founders. Join the more than 50 VilCap Communities that are helping the entrepreneurs they care about succeed. 

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Where are VilCap Communities? 

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Success Stories

 Anza, Tanzania Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 4.32.46 PM

Anza Investment Readiness Accelerator for Social Enterprises

Anza was founded in 2016 with the mission to improve the quality of life for underserved communities in Tanzania by building the capacity of entrepreneurs in the region. Prior to joining the 2018 VilCap Communities Africa cohort, the team had not yet run a full-scale accelerator program, but were eager to get started. During their first program in 2019, Anza selected 9 high-quality companies from the agriculture, e-commerce, education, and clean energy sectors, resulting in investing in the top two peer selected companies.

As they gear up for their second program in 2020, Anza will continue to provide investment readiness training for a new cohort of entrepreneurs in both English and Swahili. The team at Azna credits the toolkit’s ease of use and VilCap team support for their excitement to gear up for a second program, even amid a pandemic.

 St. Louis, MO, United States

WEPOWER “VilCap provides an excellent, hands-on series of workshops that covers the key topics any entrepreneur needs to focus on to thrive — customer discovery and testing your value prop, refining your business model, strategically planning around key milestones needed to hit for growth, raising capital, and hiring. 
"VilCap also provides everything you need to run an accelerator, with the freedom and flexibility to customize it as you see fit, including slide decks, materials for guest experts to prepare, work for entrepreneurs to do between workshops, and software and spreadsheets to help you manage the program. Most importantly, the VilCap staff is available to share their insights from years of running similar programs. They also helped us navigate our transition to remote-only when COVID-19 hit, helping us find guest” investors from across the country."
-Yoni Blumberg, WEPOWER, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships 

How it Works

As a VilCap Community, not only will you have access to the materials to run a great accelerator program, but the Village Capital resources to train your facilitators, connect you to the right networks, and give sector-specific insights on your program focus. Be the go-to ecosystem builder in your city with our one-stop shop.

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Have a question? Want to hear more about the toolkit?

 Reach out to schedule a consultation.